'Untitled Ghostwatch Fanzine'


Pre-order of 'Untitled Ghostwatch Fanzine', curated by Chris Paul Daniels and George Gibson, to be launched at Bound Book Fair 2023.

At 21:30, on Halloween 1992, BBC One presented Ghostwatch – a Screen One drama in the format of a live broadcast – with the famous, familiar, faces of Sarah Greene, Michael Parkinson, Craig Charles and Mike Smith playing themselves. Screenwriter, Stephen Volk, Director, Leslie Manning and Producer, Ruth Baumgarten’s unleashed a powerful generational ghoul in the form of ‘Pipes’ – a menacing, manipulative presence that taunted the audience with multiple subtle appearances, culminating in a catastrophic reveal referred to as a ‘national séance’.

Ghostwatch was shown once and never repeated - although maybe it was – in the
memories and night sweats of the generations and audiences exposed to Pipes who lingered in the corners of bedrooms, dwelling in the shadows of paranoia and anxiety.

This 'untitled Ghostwatch fanzine' brings together the remains of long lasting re-collections, disturbed visions, and the reactions of a selection of artists, writers and creatives and other (un)invited guests.

Featuring: Lucy Vann, HimHallows, George Gibson, Kevin Craig, Emma Illingworth, Grace Collins & Daniel Ford, Tommy Stewart, Georgia Metaxas & Susan Robins, Chris Paul Daniels, Louis Porter, James McColl, Thomas Lee Griffiths, John Powell-Jones, Mattew Rothery, John Loyd and more!